Pièce Montée

the shape 30 , 
Nougatine and choux caramelized vanille 
for Birthday occasion


Wedding at Chantilly Castle

Wedding at Chantilly Castle

Birthday cake

Like a strawberry cake,

the Julianna's birthday cake with a dog design...

star wars , the emperor

Strawberry tart

a very nice strawberry tart for 40 pers,

Puff pastry dough, almond cream, vanilla pastry cream, some strawberrys, many strawberrys...

Sensation pear and chocolate

The pear chocolate sensation for 16 pers,

for a birthday party.

Vanilla sensation

Nice sun, realised on a sensation vanilla for 16 pers, guest requested.

Fée clochette

realised on a pièce montée with 2 level ,

hand work.

Coffee and chocolate opera

Coffee and chocolate opera for 16 pers,

design for the anniversary of our guest.

Angry bird

Angry bird cake design for Mathis , for his anniversary,

for 32 pers , american style.

Nougatine cube with caramel choux

American cake style with Mini design

For 16 pers, american style cake with Mini design on top,

ruban realize in sugar pastillage,

American wedding cake

The vanilla sensation

Here, an aniversary cake, the vanilla sensation, for 16 pers,

guest requested the Mini face in relief on a pink chocolate glaze,

American wedding cake

American wedding cake,on 5 layers, for about 70 to 80 pers,

decorate with real red roses, light ,

garnish with vanilla mousseline cream, white sponge, vanilla sirup, with raspberries and strawberries,

cover with sugar paste,

Le nid de Pâques

For this year 2014, tentation lemon and gianduja chocolate,

gianduja crunchy, lemon cream, chocolate gianduja mousse, biscuit dacquoise hazelnuts, milk chocolate glaze, Easter decoration,

with a big ' Poussin ' all in chocolate,

Le 2 chocolat

Le 2 chocolat for 16 pers.,

with chocolate flower decoration,

For a birthday party or any special occasion.

Le fondant chocolat Noir

Winnie the Pooh

Cartoon cake,

Realize for 16 pers, on a Sensation speculos.

Wedding cake

American style,

realize with the empire state building in sugar paste,

Wedding cake for 20 pers.

VIP Breakfast

Royal breakfast

selection of mini viennoiseries,

home made jams,

exotic fruit salad,

fruit juice and smoothies home made,

muffins and financier,

coffee, tea and hot chocolate,

Wedding cake

American style,

Wedding cake, almond sponge, raspberry sirup, vanilla mousseline cream,

with raspberry and strawberry,

sugar paste decor, rose flower in pulled sugar.

Baby picture



Fire truck

Le tuti-frutti


Tom and Jerry

Exotic cake

Wedding cake

Peter pan

Opéra chocolat

Birthday cake , Tweety

Football player

Wedding Cake Prince Hotel

Bithday Cascadine

Celebration at DubaÏ

Croquembouche 3 levels

Pièce de prestige

Mille feuille 24 pers

Wedding cake

Open book for celebration

Cake with logo

Birthday cake 32 pers

Chanel DubaÏ

Wedding cake, Sheration Imperial

Strawberry tree

Wedding cake american style

French style wedding cake

Macaron tower

Wedding cake

Pastillage show piece

Le sensation exotique