Julianna 2 years birthday cake

Easter cakes

The tweety ....

Simply different

All in chocolate

Hampers gift

Our gift box,

for the new year, anniversary or any occasion,

do your gift box with your choice of our products,

The jams and fruit caramels

our jams

green apple-strawberries


our pear caramel with guerande salt,

raspberry caramel,

exotique caramel,

like a paste to add on your croissant or bread for the morning breakfast,

Macaron Tower

Strawberry tree, Mushmallow tree

Le soleillade

Easter eggs

Macaron tower Pascal Noppe

Caraibe 2011 log cake

Chataigneraie log cake

Sensation spéculos log cake

Concerto log cake

24 pieces macaron box

Le Strudels

Jams Collection

Macarons box PASCAL NOPPE

Log cake black forest

Jelly paste

Galette des Rois

Ballotin de bonbons chocolat

selection of mini french pastries

pâtes de fruits et bonbons de chocolat

fruit paste assorted presentation in a cube box, for sale in boutique, with ribbon Pascal Noppe.

chocolate box ballotin of assorted chocolates.