Custard cream tart

vanilla custard cream flan, bake in the oven.

Apricot tart

Puff pastry dough, almond cream , apricots, 
apricot glaze.

Cherry tartlett with crumble

puff pastry dough, almond cream, cherry, and crumble dough.

Passion and pineapple tartlett

sweet dough, passion and banana cream, pineapple with vanilla confit and caramelized.

Chocolate tart

Apricot band tart / coktail size

Mango tartlet

puff dough, almond cream, vanilla pastry cream, fresh mango cubes, apricot glaze.

Apple tartlet

Walnut caramel tart

Sweet almond dough,some caramel Pascal technicqs , then some walnuts, bake in the oven, wonderful.