Sensation pear and chocolate

Salty pear caramel cream, dark chocolate mousse excellence,pear confit with vanilla bean, crunchy of hazelnuts and peanuts, chocolate dacquoise biscuit, chocolate glaze and crumble.

Strawberry tartlett, blueberry tartlett

Sweet dough, almond cream, vanilla cream, and strawberries,
Sweet dough, almond cream, vanilla cream and blueberrys,

Tentation mango caramel

The miserable

Almond dacquoise, vanilla butter cream special .

strawberry and white chocolate ganache tart

on a sable breton base,

vanilla pastry cream, fresh strawberry, and white chocolate ganache.

Dulce de leche

white chocolate caramel cream,

cook apple in the butter and sugar,

whipp cream and macaron.

profiterol tart

sable dough, almond cream, chocolate pastry cream, white chocolate ganache.

the snickers

britany biscuit, dark chocolate cream, salt butter caramel cream, some peanuts, dark chocolate glaze.

Raspberry and anissedsensation

coconut crunchy base, almond biscuit, raspberry cream, white chocolate mousse with aniseed flavor light, white chocolate glaze.

Tagada and pistachio sensation

almond biscuit, strawberry confit, coconut and peanuts crunchy base,tagada strawberry and wild strawberry cream, pistachio mousse, chocolate glacage green color.

raspberry caramel and speculos cream glass

a raspberry caramel, almond biscuit, a speculos cream like a tiramisu cream, top with crumble.

vanilla sensation

tatin tentation

breton sablé, green apple creamy, apple cook nicely., fondante.

Le Mac tagada

Sensation abricot nougat

Opéra chocolat

sacher biscuit, dark chocolate ganache, grand-marnier sirup, dark chocolate glaze.

Brownies and raspberry ganache

passion and pineapple tart

Le mont blanc

Assorted individual cakes

Display individual cakes,

Le macaron royal

Lemon tart

sweet dough, lemon cream caramelized.

Vanilla cream brulée with vanilla bean

Blueberry tart

sweet dough, almond cream, pastry cream, blueberries...

Le deux chocolat

Le savarin chantilly

Le sensation exotique

Vnilla mille-feuille

caramelized puff dough,crunchy and a vanilla cream. miam miam

Opéra coffee chocolate

Opéra coffee chocolate : biscuit sacher,almond biscuit, coffee sirop and whisky , ganache dark chocolate , coffee butter cream .

Le Breteuil