The black forest

almond chocolate sponge,

amarena sirup, dark chocolate cream special black forest, cherry amarena, whipp cram and chocolate copaux.

Baked american cheese cake

on a sable dough base, a real american cheese cake, with strawberry and whipp cream,

The royal Macaron

The favorite of Pascal Noppe,

so light, wonderful,

macaron biscuit, pastry vanilla cream, raspberry and strawberries, whipp cream, macaron biscuit.,

Le Caraibe

white chocolate mousse, creamy mango and passion fruits, mango cubes cooked, almond biscuit,coconut sirop, coconut and peanuts crunchy, yellow chocolate glaze.,

Le soleillade

Sensation fraises des bois et tagada

Sensation pear and chocolate

pear caramel with 'guerande salt ',  dark chocolate mousse excellence, pear compoté with vanilla bean, hazelnuts and peanuts crunchy, choclate dacquoise biscuit, dark chocolate glaçage with crumble.,

Sensation spéculos

speculos mousse, raspberry caramel,chocolate biscuit, raspberry sirop, hazelnut crunchy, cooked apple with cinnamon, white chocolate glaze.

Le maccaronade

Praline opera

sacher biscuit, praline butter cream, kirsch syrup,

decorate with chocolate copaux.

Opéra café chocolat


The black forest cake

Le Mogador

Le sensation orange

Coffe bake cheese cake

Le sensation rose framboise

creamy raspberry with raspberry fruit and litchi, macaron biscuit, light rose cream, almond biscuit with rose syrup, glaze white chocolate with rose color...

Le macaron royal

Macaron Pascal, vanilla pastry cream, some raspberries and strawberries, some whipp cream not too sweet, macaron Pascal,

Ouah, delicious, extra, but a bit difficult to slice , but to eat .....

Le masai

crunchy of peanuts and praline, almond chocolate biscuit with nature syrup,vanilla cream, dark chocolate mousse excellence, glaze with dark chocolate ganache and natural miror with gold leaves.

Le douceur noisette

almond and hazelanut dacquoise, crunchy of feuilletine biscuit  and praline, whipp cream milk chocolate, cream of chocolate milk papouasie, milk chocolate couverture leave.

Le sensation aux marrons

chestnut chiboust cream,with chestut confit,white chocolate mousse with cream cheese,chocolate bitter biscuit , with light rhum syrup, milk chocolate papouasie glaze.

Le sensation exotique

dark chocolate cremeux,crunchy almond with crispy chocolate pearl, exotique caramel ( coconut,mango, passion fruit ), chocolate dacquoise biscuit, dark chocolate mousse , glaze with dark chocolate and few drops of purple glaze.

Le deux chocolat

dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate almond biscuit with cacao sirup, dark and white chocolate glaze, marble design.

Le sensation excéllence

pistachio crunchy with crispy chocolate perle,macaronade biscuit,semolina cream with strawberry confit , glaze with white chocolate with green color.

Le gaité

vanilla mousse, pear cubes confit with vanilla bean,chocolate truffles,almond biscuit with pear syrup.

La charlotte au chocolat

biscuit cuillere, kirsch sirup, dark chocolate mousse Pascal, sugar powder.