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Meet Pascal Noppe

Life style

  I have begun my carrier in Chantilly by Mr. Bourez, for two years as apprentice from 1982 to 1984, which was the beginning of my passion for the job and a lot of knoledge to control.

Introduced by Mr. and Ms. Hallouin, I have met Mr. Bréda & Mr. Bonté both of them were "Meilleurs Ouvriers De France" (highest title for a professional master) and maybe the best in Paris at that time between 1984 & 1987, I discover each position, one by one frankly speaking, I have understood that, excellence in pastry business must be reached each day and not from time to time.

  I have understood that, the respect of the well done duties was also the respect of the client and that a happy client is a client who grow your renown better than any diploma, any distinction or competition.We don't count the hours because we make a job with passion and we obtain the recognizing of the boss who teaches you his art.

There, I have learnt that the road will be long to know always more and more and to control as much as the boss, the organization of the work, the discipline, the team, the products to be controlled and understood etc...

  Then i had some experience in "star" restaurants and the time came for the military has to be done to be able to continue to work.

During my military service, I have met Mr. Michel Pasquet, the owner of one star restaurant in the 16 district of Paris and I have been opened to other horizons and knowledge.

After the military service, back to the pastry shop by Bourez in Chantilly for one more year and Mr. & Ms. Pasquet introduce me to their freinds in Brewster (Massachussets, USA) where i flew for 5 weeks, during the high the season, to see something else and this is the beginning of my travels, I must speak english ...trouble...!

Then departure to Switzerland, in Montreux by Zurcher for one more year, to learn in between, the Swiss chocolates and other methods.

Back to France by Paillasson for 3 months for chocolates. I don't like Lyon that much, so, I go to Brussels by Debailleuil for one year, its magic, an organization, a well structured business, as I like and the quality of the products as I like to control. 

My position is the finishing of the desserts and cakes, and I learn how to manage a team.

Because I want to try adventure, owning to Mr. Michel Pasquet, I fly to Japan by Mr. Lecomte, for 3 months but I can't stay due to the visa so, regretfully, I have to fly back and I stay for 3 other months by Daniel Chambon in Lacave, one star restaurant and I rebuilt is dessert menu, it's now 1992, I fly to London, Savoy hotel to learn English, an interesting experience for organization and quality. Then I travel to Jersey as Chief By Robert's john (family Johns and Jersey pottery). It was a self service restaurant near by the pottery and we used to serve 1500 to 2000 meals per day at least...for 4 months, a season, a remarkable duty, a special organization that I set due to my past experiences, the boss is surprised by the quality that I can offer.

 And yet it's time for the departure to Egypt for two years at El Gezirah Sheraton Hotel as pastry Chef , just 25 years old and 30 persons under my hands, a huge challenge: how to clean a team to jump again from good bases, a very hard job and a lot of patience.

With belief on purpose, and Patrick Lannes's support without wiich I would probably flew away very quickly, I could, in two years build a team and a duty which has been recognized through its quality, in spite of all the difficulties in Egypt, at that time and we have been one of the best hotel in Cairo, so our quality has allowed us to participate to several peace summits with the president Moubarak, Mr. Arafat and a lot of others.

That was a real experience, The Chef used to say: " If you stay for 2 years, you will be able to work any where"... he was not wrong.

Then, Korea, Seoul, Inter-Continental Hotel 1995-1997, a team of 20 persons, 15 restaurants, 1500 meals for banquets and everything to set, again a challenge it was necessary to rebuild from A to Z. After 3 months I had clean everything and push a team at work, Koreans are courageous and they like to learn.

At that time I have brought a style and I have let them appreciate French pastry where there was about nothing, the success of the corner that I had promptly created has demonstrated that the french touch could be pleasant due the quality and the truth supported by a team that was running with me.

It has been a marvelous experience...!

 From there, I fly to Singapore at Shangri-la Hotel to prepare the closing and the re-opening 1998-2000, something like a miracle, a mission to leak out on the first day if you see the position of the 5 stars hotels, of the kitchens,...everything has to be changed.

  I prepare the concept, the plans and mostly, I had the pleasure to convince the management to build a pastry laboratory for the 3 hotels Shangri-la in Singapore and to gather the purchasing which means to centralize the whole production of the three sites.

The idea is remarkable: creation of a shop inside the hotel itself, supplying of the 2 others hotels with the same quality, reduction of the team and checking of the quality from the 1st hotel, training of the staffs and creation of a school to teach our staff for a chain of hotels.

  I had to beautify the pastry and I had obtained a constant quality for the luxurious hotels, but at the time of the arrival, the management changed its mind and pushes me to leave...

Anyway I have stamped the minds and today with the actual so hard econmical circumstances, if they would have beleived me, they would be the first on the market...!

Anyway, life and experiences show us the way for somewhere...

From there I come back to France and I prepare myself to the competition " Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France 2000" .

I work for Ponthier, a fruit puree maker, I make demonstrations to let their products being sold and I define some others.

  My touch with Mr. Belin and Mr. Gérard Moyne Bressand in Nimes let me go forward again, I fail at the final od the competition but the most important is to participate and to make progress.

 Then I fly back to Cairo to prepare the grand opening of the Royal Méridien Hotel by the Nile river with my former General Manager, but things have changed... it is always difficult enough to work with the staffs and to let them progress, so I leave and take the opportunity to fly for Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur at Strudels where I improve the market, it was necessary to bring a name and grow the market.

 After 3 months, it is a flashing success, Strudels is known on the markets, everyone speaks about it, we grow the shops, but too much under my opinion... I develop the 5 stars hotels and win some markets: Strudels' renown is done, it becomes an institution, a place of excellence for pastries and coffees and soon I obtain the award as " Best Pastry Chef " , by the Hospitality Awards Asia Platinum 2003-2004.

  At that time in 2004, after recommendation of Mrs. Hallouin, I become a member of the " French Culinary Academy ".

 In between the management of Strudels don't take the good direction and my advises or my duties are not any more satisfying for them and I feel ready to depart, exactly when in 2005, I have received the proposal to open Lenôtre franchised shops in Dubaï ... Why not ?

The adventure is interesting because I understand the world of franchisees... good experience.

  2007: back to France. What I was hopping since some time will be realized at last: I bought a pastry shop in Chantilly, this one where I had begun my training and this is a new adventure: everything is to be done , 3 years after, a new collection and every year, new plans for renewing, a lot of plans as yesterday abroad...

  Soon, may be, a tea room, again new challenges for our customers , a salad menu, hot chocolates, coffees etc... in a warm ambiance.

See you soon...

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